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Tomi Reichental is a man who unfortunately has been through a lot in his life. As a young 9 year old boy he was imprisoned in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. The 75th anniversary of the liberation of the camp is the 15th of April 2020.

Anne Frank

Tomi lost 35 members of his family during the Holocaust but never lost his ability to show empathy to others.
Anne Frank was a fellow prisoner of Tomi’s but sadly she didn’t survive. Prior to her imprisonment Anne spent an incredible 761 days in social isolation.

Getting children inspired

It is a great honour to have Tomi support our #InspiringYou interview series where children from around the country are being given the opportunity to send questions to some of Ireland’s leading personalities.

Just ask Tomi!

Tomi has talked to over 100,000 students in Ireland telling them his story and answering their questions. He is looking forward to hearing yours. His mission is to spread a message of love, empathy and hope in the world and we want you to help him!

Chance to win

Everyone who sends us a question will be in with a chance to a copy of the children’s edition of Tomi’s autobiography!

Send your questions

We want parents/guardians to send us your children’s questions. You can send us your questions here or you can email them to


Include your child’s first name, school/county so Tomi will be able to give them a mention if their question is selected. We will post Tomi’s #InspiringYou video interview on our platform.


The deadline for sending us your questions is 8pm on April 24th. Time to get thinking and talking about what you would like #InspiringTomi to answer!

Tomi’s interview with 9 year old Seán

Tomi was 9 when he was imprisoned and lost his childhood. Seán was also 9 when he met Tomi for an interview and he asked Tomi about his life, childhood. The emotive interview dealt centred on how we can work together to help prevent such evil acts happening again. The video has received over 40,000 views on Inspiringyouirl on Facebook

A child’s insight

Seán got some great answers from Tomi on bullying, homelessness and racism. It made for a powerful interview. Sometimes a child’s insight adds a clearer perspective on the need for empathy and love in our world.

#InspiringTomi art & writing competition

We are currently running the #InspiringTomi competition for primary school children. We want children to be creative and reflective.  You can write a story, poem, song or make a short video, take a photo or design a piece of art inspired by the themes discussed in the video or connected with Tomi’s story. Deadline for entries is May the 1st. Check #InspiringTomi competition for more details.


The idea for #InspiringYou is for us to inspire each other and to help children dream of a brighter tomorrow. It would be great if the #InspiringYou interviews help start conversations in families around the country.

It’s good to talk

In 1937 the Irish government felt that children were too busy to talk to their family and neighbours! They made it part of their homework to write down family history, folklore, songs etc. Their work is now part of the amazing Duchas Project.

Family history

It is unusual that children have so much free time so maybe they use it effectively to learn about their local and family history? In these challenging times we can encourage our children to ring or write to elderly relatives and record stories that influenced their lives.

A brighter tomorrow

In the words of Anne Frank “What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again.” 

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