Leading musician Sharon Shannon :

I am delighted to support “Inspiring You”, a new positive project designed to make social media a safer and healthier place for young people. Far too often it consumes the idealism and natural enthusiasm that young people enjoy. Followers are encouraged to engage in positivity by submitting music, songs, creative writing, science projects, outdoor sports, drama excerpts etc and make learning fun and also help you get better grades as well as impacting In your Real Life.”

Delighted to have legendary musician supporting our work

Irish Freestyle football champion Conor Reynolds:

“Inspiring You is a group I’m very proud to be associated with as I’m passionate about young people being active and enjoying life without being constantly by social media.


Freestyle skills with Conor

Looking forward to learning a few tricks from the Irish Freestyle Champion Conor Reynolds


Retired Commandant Leo Quinlan, son of Siege of Jadotville commander, the late Col. Pat Quinlan:

” The power of young people to show empathy and connect with the story of others is inspiring and significantly influenced the successful outcome of the campaign to date.  The fact that young people, three generations removed from the Jadotville event, had such an impact on the Irish Government is quite extraordinary and impressive. During the campaign for recognition for the action at Jadotville and the award of medals, the input of young people throughout the country, particularly students from Malahide Community School and  Galway Community College    and supporters of “InspiringYou” was very powerful and ultimately very effective.

Siege of Jadotville medal campiagn

The students who changed the mind of a government