#InspiringTomi Competition

Tomi Reichental is a man who unfortunately has been through a lot in his life. As a young 9 year old boy he was imprisoned in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

Anne Frank

Tomi lost 35 members of his family during the Holocaust but never lost his ability to show empathy to others.
Anne Frank was a fellow prisoner of Tomi’s but sadly she didn’t survive.

Tomi’s interview with 9 year old Seán

Tomi was 9 when he was imprisoned and lost his childhood. Seán was also 9 when he met Tomi for an interview and he asked Tomi about his life, childhood. The emotive interview dealt centred on how we can work together to help prevent such evil acts happening again. The video has received almost 40,000 views on Inspiringyouirl on Facebook

A child’s insight

Seán got some great answers from Tomi on bullying, homelessness and racism. It made for a powerful interview. Sometimes a child’s insight adds a clearer perspective on the need for empathy and love in our world.

What can you do?

You can keep Tomi’s legacy of empathy and love alive by entering our #InspiringTomi competition proudly sponsored by
Colm O’Brien motivation and supported by Claregalway Castle.

Don’t be a “Bystander”

Tomi asks us not to be a “Bystander” when we see something that is wrong. He encourages us to become “Upstanders” and to stand up for what is right.

#InspiringTomi Competition

We want children to be creative and reflective.  You can write a story, poem, song or make a short video, take a photo or design a piece of art inspired by the themes discussed in the video or connected with Tomi’s story.

Hope, Love and Empathy

You can spread Tomi’s message of hope, empathy and love in your classroom, home and community through your creativity and actions.

How to enter

Due to closure of schools as a result of the Coronavirus we have made it easier to enter.

Social Media

Once your child/student has created their #InspiringTomi entry their teacher, parent or guardian can share it to @Inspiringyouirl on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We will accept entries that are posted online using #InspiringTomi from the accounts of parents/guardian.
You can also message us or email us the link to your entry.


If you don’t have a social media account you can enter your
#InsiringTomi art work here and your story here. If you have any questions you can reach us through our Contact Us  section.

Sharing entries to inspire others

We will be sharing some entries on our social media platforms to help showcase the work of the students and help spread the legacy and message of #InspiringTomi.

Deadline for entries

Final entries should be emailed or posted online using #InspiringTomi by 8pm on Friday the 1st of May

Winners announced

The winners will be announced at 8pm on Monday the 4th of May.

Judging Panel

We are delighted to have leading anti-bullying advocate Colm O’Brien, as well as Tribes Press and artist Fiona Concannon on our judging panel.

Inspiring Prizes

The winning entries will be presented to Tomi by a member of the Inspiring You team over the summer which I am sure he will treasure.

Claregalway Castle Family Passes

10 lucky winners will receive either a signed children’s version of Tomi’s story or a family pass for a tour of the historic Claregalway Castle – the home of
the Brian Boru Harp.

Everyone’s a winner

Why? Your #InspiringTomi work will help spread Tomi’s message to a wider audience. It will also create a digital legacy for Tomi’s work and help promote the anti-bullying message and empathy to others online.

Teachers Prize

We appreciate the demands on teachers time and resources. Teachers are vital to the development of empathy and resilience in our children.

Night of luxury for a lucky teacher!

Every teacher who emails us a school link to their
#InspiringTomi content will be entered into a draw for a night of
Airbnb luxury in the historic environs of Claregalway Castle! in Co.Galway!

Colm O’Brien Motivational Speaker

We are delighted to have Colm O’Brien Motivation as our competition sponsor. He has been involved in schools for over 20 years.

Colm has worked tirelessly to eradicate bullying from schools having seen the damage it can do first hand. The story of his son’s bullying led to Colm delivering a powerful Tedx talk which is a story that needs to be heard

How to deal with bullying

Colm of Colm O’Brien Motivation, regularly speaks to children from age 10 to 17 teaching about leadership, responsibility and how to deal with bullying.

Become an “Upstander”

When Colm became aware of our #InspiringTomi concept he noted,”When I heard Tomi speak of the importance of people who are aware of something going on speaking out, becoming upstanders instead of bystanders, I was moved to get involved”.

Impact of your work

Your actions and gestures for #InspiringTomi show that you are an “upstander” and will help make our world a better place.

Support from KamilFilms

We were delighted to have KamilFilms as our media partners. We have worked on some fun videos in the past encouraging activity In Real Life.

Seán’s interview with Tomi is child friendly and delivers a powerful message.

Contact us

If you have any questions simply email philip@inspiringyou.ie or go to Contact Us

In the words of Anne Frank “What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again.” 

#InspiringTomi  #IYIRL #AlmightyLove #CondemnedToRemember 

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