“Knight Classes” with World Champion Lara Serviolle

Engage young people in real life activities

 Our good friends at Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland continue to work with us to #BringHistoryToLife and engage young people in real life activities through their #KnightClasses videos.

World Long Sword Champion

 We are honoured that Lara Serviolle, a two time World Long Sword Champion made one for us. She is one of the best medieval combat fighters in the world and has even been described as, “the Medieval Katie Taylor“!

Dreamt of becoming a knight

 As children we all have dreamed of being knights who fight bravely to win the day! Through years of practice, training and hard work, Lara has made her dream of being a world champion become a reality.

Horrible Histories

 If you have any questions for Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland about their training, Irish Medieval History, Middle Ages, Knights or Horrible Histories  simply contact us.
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