Monaghan All-Star Rory Beggan is ready for Inspiring You!

It is a great honour to have Monaghan’s All Star goalkeeper Rory Beggan take part in our #InspiringYou interview series. We are giving children from around the country the opportunity to send questions to some of Ireland’s leading personalities.


The idea for #InspiringYou is for us to inspire each other and to help children dream of a brighter tomorrow. It would be great if the #InspiringYou interviews help start conversations in families around the country.

All-Star Rory

Rory is recognised as being one of the most influential goalkeepers of the modern era. He is a central figure of the Scotstown and Monaghan football teams.

A football revolutionary!

Rory’s genius footballing brain, superb vision, attacking footballing ability and brilliant free taking skills makes him one of the most feared opponents in the game. His approach has helped change the way the modern game is being played.

Scotstown dedication

After receiving his All-Star award in 2018 Rory turned down the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia with the All-Star squad so he could play for his club Scotstown in the Monaghan championship.

Just ask Rory!

Have you ever wanted to ask the Monaghan All-Star goalkeeper Rory Beggan about his football tactics, All-Star award, dedication, footballing dreams or how he copes under pressure? Now is your chance!

Chance to win

We want parents/guardians to send us their children’s questions.
Every child who asks a question in our #InspiringYou interview series will be in with a chance to win a €50 voucher!

Send your questions

You can send us your questions here or you can email them to

School or Club

Include your child’s first name, school/club so Rory will be able to give them a mention if their question is selected. We will post Rory’s #InspiringYou video interview on our platform.


The deadline for sending us your questions is 8pm on the 23rd of May. Time to get thinking and talking about what you would like Monaghan’s Rory to answer!

It’s good to talk

In 1937 the Irish government felt that children were too busy to talk to their family and neighbours! They made it part of their homework to write down family history, folklore, songs etc. Their work is now part of the amazing Duchas Project.

Family history

It is unusual that children have so much free time so maybe they use it
effectively to learn about their local and family history?
In these challenging times we can encourage our children to ring or write
to elderly relatives and record stories that influenced their lives. Who knows they may have some great sporting moments to share with the next generation!

#IYIRL – Inspiring You In Real Life #InspiringYou

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