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The team at “Inspiring You” is delighted that the brilliant David Walsh of Blacktie magician  fame is supporting our work.  We are living up to its promise to add new contributors to help engage young people in real life fun activities.

Practice, hard work and dedication

The aim is simple.  Checkout our content and if you like what you see – just do it!  Practice, hard work and dedication will make you happier and more focused.

Fun and memorable

David will be giving monthly tips and video tutorials on the 7th of each month for aspiring magicians.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing David perform, all talk about how fun and memorable his shows were.

Performing around the world

Success did not come overnight for David and it has taken him years to perfect his art.  Checkout his story from reading his first magic book to performing around the world.  If you have any questions for David just make contact with us and we will make sure he gets it.

 “I was born to be a magician” – The story of David Walsh

My name is David and I’m 38 years old.  I’ve been studying magic since 1993.  Imagine when I was just 13 years old, there was no internet!

I learnt patience and confidence

The craft of magic has taught me many things. I learnt patience, confidence and how to interact with people both in my professional and personal life.

As a performer there is no take – it’s all give. You let your audience decide who to glorify when the dust settles.

My interest in magic was initially sparked by my uncle who showed me a cool trick with two matches that looked amazing.

It changed my life

I purchased a booked in Easons in the bargain section called Mark Wilson’s Course in Magic and it changed my life.

I devoured every page, my desire to learn was insatiable.

I started to get a reputation as “MagicDave”

I was doing tricks for my friends and it wasn’t long before I started to get a reputation as “MagicDave“.

When I was 18 and performing for free in clubs.  They were a great breeding ground to hone my skills and develop my repertoire. I performed my first paid gig when I was 20. I was performing as a part-time magician for many years.

That changed the game forever for me

When I was 30 I spent two years in Australia from 2010-2012. I made a full time living busking on the street for 6 months before I left. That changed the game forever for me.

I came home and I knew I needed to push the magic in right direction as a professional.

The dream of Blacktie Magician was now a reality

I got a logo, business card and website designed within one month.  The dream of Blacktie Magician was now a reality. I then performed a lot of charity work to get my name out there as I was “off the radar” for two years.

Keep my skills razor sharp

I’m six years a professional now and I still perform street magic in Galway.  This gives me the opportunity to meet potential clients, break in new material and keep my skills razor sharp.

If you have a passion – nurture it

If you have a passion, nurture it as you never know where it might take you!

I was born to be a magician. It’s what I best in this world.

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