The Power of You In Real Life!

Our aim is simple – we want people to use social media less to do more In Real Life.  Social media can be a terrific platform if used in moderation and effectively.  We have a diverse and exciting team and supporters who want to share their knowledge with you in the hope you will inspire us with your ideas and knowledge.

We will be posting regular ideas, content and fun challenges which we hope will engage you in a creative way.

We will be unveiling new ideas, supporters and contributors on a regular basis and would love to receive ideas from you, your team, group, friends or class.  This can be an exciting space for everyone.

Unfortunately there is mounting evidence proving that excessive use of social media devices etc is leading to mental health issues, break down in relationships, friends – the list is constantly growing.

Together we can make the online world a healthy space by using the internet and social media responsibly and in a focussed way.

We are passionate about You owning and controlling your content!

It is very important that young people understand how important it is to control what they post online.  Instead of giving your work to others why not post one of our #InspiringYouChallenges on a website or social media platform belonging to you, your parent or guardian, school or group?

You can email us through our “Contact Us”  section and tell us where you have posted your #InspiringYouChallenge.

We would be delighted to share it on our website and on our social media.  This will ensure that you not only get the credit for your work but you control its use online.

Together we will try and develop a more sensible and safe approach to how content is shared online.

#Inspiringyouirl #IYIRL Inspiring You In Real Life