What are you working on for Engineering Week?

Really looking forward to Engineering Week from the 24th February – 2nd March! We would love if you would share your ideas and projects with us and we will showcase a selection of them on our website.

It is such a great opportunity to learn about the different types of Engineering using the Engineering Challenge Worksheets and resources on

www.engineersweek.ie and www.primaryscience.ie


Participating in the week and doing hands on experiments is an important part of the process for schools who are applying to get a Discover Primary Science and Maths Award.

The DPSM & Engineers Week websites have exciting experiments which help students get a taste of what it’s like to be an engineer. The Blasting Balloons Experiment and Paper Planes Experiments give an insight into the role of an Aeronautical Engineer.


Can you design a boat?

Designing which can float AND hold passengers allows young students to reflect on the role of Marine Engineers. Using matchstick and plasticine to make 2D shapes, then 3D shapes, enables children to explore how some shapes are stronger than others and more difficult to knock down.

Challenges such as which group can build the tallest building and which structures can withstand earthquakes (shaking the table!!) adds another dimension to the experiment and prompts children to think about Structural and Civil Engineers jobs. Learning about bridges and working in groups to make different types of bridges using paper is another great experiment on the DPSM website.

Groups can test their bridges to see how many pedestrians (cubes) they can hold and this helps them to compare and contrast their bridges and to choose the bridge which is the best design.

There are really engaging STEM activities and ideas online that lead to fantastic discovery learning – let us know if you have some inspiring ideas for Engineering Week! We would love to get some new experiments to explore for #engweek18 #InspiringYouIrl #IYIRLEngineering

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