Music legend Sharon Shannon’s “#InspiringTuneChallenge” for young musicians

Delighted to have legendary musician Sharon Shannon supporting our work

Sharon Shannon is a true musical visionary who can mix, blend and sample different styles.  She is passionate about sharing her energy and love of music with others.  Her musical journey started in her home county of Clare and thanks to talent, dedication and thousands of hours of practice she has played at some of the best concert venues on the planet and has performed with icons such as Steve Earle, Kirsty MacColl, Mike Scott, Mundy and Sinead O’Connor to name but a few.

One does not become world class over night and in Sharon’s case it all started in her home village of Corofin in Co.Clare where she started playing Céilí music and with the local Comhaltas group.

Sharon is delighted that our platform is a positive space for young people to be creativity noting how social media and the internet, “Far too often consumes the idealism and natural enthusiasm that young people enjoy”.

This famed musician is known for her creativity and energy. A number of the Inspiring You team were delighted to be part of her Galway Girl video filmed by Kamil Films in June 2016 with 15,000 people!

Having met with Sharon we devised the #InspiringTuneChallenge.  The idea is simple.  Watch Sharon’s #InspiringTuneChallenge and if you wish you can learn it yourself or add whatever “style” you like to the tune.

What can you do for #InspiringTuneChallenge?

We want children to be creative and reflective.  You can record or film you or your groups version of  Sharon’s tune.

We are passionate about You owning and controlling your content!

It is very important that young people understand how important it is to control what they post online.  Instead of giving your work to others why not post it on a website or social media platform belonging to you, a parent or guardian, school or group?

You can email us through our “Contact Us”  section and tell us where you have posted your #InspiringYouChallenge.

We would be delighted to share it on our website and on our social media.  This will ensure that you not only get the credit for your work but you control its use online.

Why not send it directly to us?

We want you to be in control of what you post online plus #InspiringTuneChallenge will spread to a greater audience if it is shared on multiple websites and social media platforms.

Together we will try and develop a more sensible and safe approach to how content is shared online.

Why not have a listen and be Inspired?

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