Conor Reynolds Ireland’s freestyle football king wants to teach you a trick or two!

We are delighted to have Irish Freestyle football champion Conor Reynolds working with us. He launched a great project with us in November 2017 called #InspiringTheBIG. It had the support of Irish soccer star Shane Long and was part of our campaign to get people actively supporting The Boy’s in Green against Denmark in their World Cup qualifiers.Conor did to help encourage children to become active supporters of Irish soccer.

He is a young athlete with the world literally at his feet!  Conor was the first person in Ireland to do three consecutive “Round the World” moves with a football.  You can check it out on our video here

Having travelled the world performing at Freestyle football events Conor is keen to pass on the tricks of his trade to the next generation.  Each month he will post one trick on our platform and encourage you to practice or better it.

What can you do for #InspiringFreestyle?

We want young people to be active and creative and reflective.  You can learn a few tricks from Conor’s videos and you can film your own #InspiringFreestyle video.  If you want you can post it on YouTube or Vimeo channel belonging to you , your parent or guardian, school or group.

We are passionate about You owning and controlling your content!

It is very important that young people understand how important it is to control what they post online.

You can email us through our “Contact Us”  section and tell us where you have posted your #InspiringFreestyle.

We would be delighted to share it on our website and on our social media.  This will ensure that you not only get the credit for your work but you control its use online.

Why not send it directly to us?

We want you to be in control of what you post online plus #InspiringFreestyle will spread to a greater audience if it is shared on multiple websites and social media platforms.

Together we will try and develop a more sensible and safe approach to how content is shared online.

Why not have a listen and be Inspired?

#Inspiringfreesyle #IYIRLFreestyle  #Inspiringyouirl #IYIRL Inspiring You In Real Life

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