Benji – Some dog for one dog!

Empathy is defined as being, “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”.  In a world filled with neglect, violence and fake friends why not take a moment to “connect” with the experiences of others?

“Inspiring You” supporter and world renowned musician Sharon Shannon draws inspiration for her music from multiple sources such as people, past experiences and in the case of some of her best loved tunes, animals.

Sharon is passionate about the welfare of animals and is a great advocate for animals and is a leading vegan and even has her own “Garden of Vegan” restaurant.  She has also dedicated many years of her life to supporting and promoting the work of Madra.

Sadly one of Sharon’s most loyal companions, her 18 year old cavalier, Benji, passed away recently. 

Upon reading a very moving reflection about the impact Benji had on her life the “Inspiring You” team were struck by the passion for life little Benji had and how he overcame multiple obstacles to live his life to the fullest.

Benji offered, “a very special bond of friendship, loyalty and absolute unconditional love” to the people and fellow pets in his life.

“Little Benji had these characteristics in abundance”

One of the key traits that is essential in life is resilience – the ability to adapt, overcome and persevere despite obstacles we may encounter.  Little Benji had these characteristics in abundance.  Despite having a heart murmur he  was always striving towards the next adventure.

 What a great legacy to be remembered by!

Why not think about the impact little Benji had leaving behind a legacy of musical inspiration,love, fun, determination and companionship.  Our potential to inspire and help people around us, given the right circumstances and attitude, is limitless.

Benji’s big brother,“Gaffo”, inspired Sharon to compose one her most iconic tune “Top Dog Gaffo”.  Sharon has performed this tune in every continent around the world bringing joy to peoples lives as the tune captures the energy and simplicity we should all see in life.  Her video starred a number of Sharon’s pets including Gaffo and Benji.

Maybe we should all take a moment to reflect on the positive impact we are having on others and appreciate the friendship and support we receive from our friends, family and pets alike.

Why not compose a tune inspired by your pet or your love of animals?

As we approach our summer holidays and with the Fleadh season very much upon us perhaps you might be interested in composing or performing a tune inspired by your pet, nature or simply life! If you want you could post it on your groups page or YouTube channel under #InspiringTuneChallenge #IYIRLEmpathy #IYIRLBenji and email us the link and we can share it from there.

#IYIRL – Inspiring You In Real Life to Use Social Media Less

#IYIRLEmpathy #InspiringTuneChallenge

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